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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thelma and Louise

Road Tripping from Arkansa to Virgina
May 22nd to 24th, 2006

This is a late entry, and I am taking a lot of slack from my 3 frequent readers that I never update my blog, and that I am always just cut and pasting our team race reports. So here we go...I am going to play a little catch up and fill you on some of my fun adventures over the last 4-6 weeks.

The day after Tri-Peaks Stage Race in Russellville, Arkansas, my teammate Sarah and I had to drive the team car to the East coast for the upcoming series of criteriums. We figured we had ~1200 miles to drive in 3 days, so we'd try to take it easy and have some fun adventures on the way over.

We started the day off with a final ride in Russelville with our new friend and hostess Carol.

We decide to make Nashville or destination for the first night. My friend and former Subway Cycling teammate lives near there. After 7 hours of driving we rolled into a seedy part of town, booked rooms for the night at the Comfort Inn and headed out to check out the excitement of Nashville with Doug, and Sarah.

We met Robbie and his friends Johnnie and Billy at the Flying Saucer, after a few bites we headed down the main drag with all of the Honky Tonk bars.

We got to sing with Elvis

check out cool belt buckles as we stroll by Tootsies.

Mullets are alive and hot in Tennessee. This is my friend Robbie, he told me to "Check out the guy in the back ground with the mullet". Sarah was taking the picture, and she said "Sima check out the guy with the mullet you are standing next to :)". good eye Thelma!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MT Hood Cycling Classic Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Press release.

Mt. Hood Classic, Hood River Oregon

By Jim Williams

As the Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team was tearing up the recent crits on the east coast and racking up four straight wins in the process, Colavita Cooking Light Teammates Dotsie Bausch and Brooke Ourada were joined by guest rider Stacy Spencer to form powerful threesome that ripped up the Mt. Hood Classic in Oregon.

The 6 stage race had plenty of ups and downs in the profile and the Colavita/Cooking Light team experienced the same at the race. Day one saw Dotsie take second place in the opening prologue only to follow that up the next day with another second place finish on stage 2. This moved Dotsie into the overall leader’s jersey which she brilliantly defended with victories on stage 3 and the time trail on stage 4.

Brook and Stacy played the role of faithful lieutenants and in the process had top ten finishes to add to the team’s success. Sat evening’s stage 5 saw the teams fortunes turn when with 6 laps to go Dotsie clipped her pedal in a corner and crashed heavily, Stacy stopped to aid her teammate and offer her bike but Dotsie knew her race was over. Stacy was able to take a free lap and reentered the race and was able to finish the stage with a podium spot by taking third in the sprint.

The joy of a strong finish was blunted latter when it was learned that Dotsie had broken her collarbone in 3 places. The final stage of the race was a difficult long road stage and both Stacy and Brook rode bravely with Brook climbing with the leaders on the final climb before the pace proved a bit too much. She was able to finish 4th on the stage and 5th overall to salvage the day for Colavita/Cooking Light. Dotsie flew home on Sunday and will be having surgery Tuesday. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

CSC Invitational Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Does it again

By Jim Williams

The Colavita/Cooking Light cycling team raced a near flawless race to win the CSC invitational today in downtown Arlington, VA. Tina Pic sprinted for the line after her teammates controlled a very aggressive race that was animated by Cheerwine, Lipton and Victory Brewing.

In what has become a pattern this year, teams started attacking from the gun and putting the pressure on the Colavita/Cooking Light team to keep the race together. The team changed its tactics today and after the first initial attacks countered with attacks of their own to put the other teams on the defensive. Iona Wynter-Parks escaped and forced Lipton and Cheerwine to chase for over 6 laps. When she was finally brought back her Colavita/Cooking Light

Teammates, Meshy Holt, Sarah Tillotson, Gina Grain took turns countering, left in reserve where Sima Trapp and Sue Palmer-Komar to protect Pic in the field. As the laps ticked by Colavita/Cooking Light shifted their focus to setting up their ace sprinter Tina Pic. Sue Palmer drove the pace for 2 laps and handed her duties off to Meshy Holt who kept the pace high and the field strung out, tucked behind was Pic with Gina Grain sweeping her wheel of her competitors. The lead car came around the final corner and reviled a sprint already in full flight. Pic fought Laura Van Gilder for the win and Gina Grain was able to make it 1st and 3rd for Colavita/Cooking Light on the day.

CSC Invitational

1) Tina Pick Colavita/Cooking Light
2) Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)
3) Gina Grain Colavita/Cooking Light
4) Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
5) Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci)Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing

Monday, May 29, 2006

Somerville Criterium Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Press release.

Pic and team stand tall at Somerville

By Jim Williams

Memorial Day is a time for sunshine, family, picnics, and parades and all were on hand at the Tour of Somerville, the oldest bike race in the country this past Monday. On a hot and sunny day, racers paraded around the streets of Somerville, and the cycling community came together for a day of racing. The Colavita cycling teams were out in full force as first the Junior New Jersey team, followed by the New Jersey regional team took to the streets to fly the Colavita colors. After the amateur racing was done it was time for both the pro women and men to put on their show.

In the women’s race the Colavita/Cooking Light women were joined by Leah Oppenhemimer, Ashley Kimmet, and Lenore Imhof of the east regional team to form a fordominal force. The racing was fast paced from the start as just about every lap had a prime to keep the action going. Colavita/Cooking Light was selective of which primes to go for as they had an eye on the end and trying to bring home the win in front of their Colavita sponsor at what is the team’s home race. New recruit Meshy Holt did manage to drag race Kelly Benjamin to the line to win the biggest prime of the day for $257 dollars in cash but the rest of the race the team was focused on delivering Tina Pic to the line with the freshest possible legs.

With 3 laps to go the Colavita/Cooking Light team moved to the front to make sure one tried to make a late sneak attack and they then started their lead-out. Coming across the start finish line with 1 lap to go it was Sue Palmer –Komar who had the field strung out at over 30 mph, right on her wheel was the Colavita/Cooking Light stars and strips jersey of Pic. The pace was kept high on the back side of the course and when the riders came into view for the sprint it was Laura Van Gilder of Team Lipton that jumped first on the left. Pic jumped on the right and put her head down for home. Van Gilder jumped across the street to grab Pic's draft and attempted to come around at the finish but Colavita/Cooking Lights Pic held off her challenger on this day. Kelly Benjamin of Cheerwine finished third.
Tour of Somerville

1) Tina Pick Colavita/Cooking Light
2) Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)
3) Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Kelly Cup Bike Jam Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Press release.

Colavita/Cooking Light wins Bike Jam
Baltimore, MD

By Jim Williams

Tina Pic continued her winning ways with the help of her Colavita/Cooking Light teammates. Today’s racing took place in Patterson Park in downtown Baltimore and with the sun out and a strong breeze the weather was perfect for a Memorial Day weekend race. It seemed as if the wind and the long drive form Raleigh where some teams raced last night took some of the normal aggression away and the field stayed together for the majority of the race.

The few attacks that did occur were immediately brought back by the Colavita/Cooking Light Women. With 2 laps to go around the 1 mile course the Cola vita/Cooking Light Team went to the front and kept the pace high. The lead out went into full force on the backside of the course and Tina Pic took over as a few sprinters jumped early into the wind. Timing it perfectly Pic was able to cross the line in first followed by Jen McRae of Comex and Theresa Cliff-Ryan of Verducci Racing.

Kelly Cup/Bike Jam

1) Tina Pick Colavita/Cooking Light
2) Jen McRae (Comex)
3) Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci)
4) Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
5) Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tri-Peaks Stage Race- Race Report

Tri Peaks Race Report
Russelville, Arkansas
May 19-21, 2006

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately Internet access has been a little limited and I've been slacking since Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansa. But here we go......

After Joe Martin half of the team went home to rest up (Tina, Sue, Gina and Dotsie) and the other half (Sarah, Audrey, Brooke and I) drove to Russelville, Arkansas to compete in the Tri-Peaks Stage Race.

It was 3 hard days of hot, hilly, and long racing. We started out with an aggressive evening criterium, with attacks from Colavita, Victory Brewing,Webcor, Diet Cheerwine and Kate Bates the Australian National Road Race Champion. Sarah was in the key move of the night with 5 other riders, and all teams represented. Kate Bates took the sprint, Rachel Heal of Victory Brewing was 2nd, and Sarah was 3rd.

Day 2 was a 92 mile rode race with an early start of 7:30 am. On the drive to over to the start we went through to tiny villages with each their own distict aroma, the first one smelled like "moth balls" and second like "dog feces". I just realized the moth ball village was proabably trying to cover up the other smell.

anyway sorry about the digression, onto the race reprot... day 2 was quite a long and hilly day, we had a total of~5000' of climbing over 3 climsb, with lots of flat windy sections in between. Going over the last climb a group of ~10 stayed off over the climb which include Sarah, Brooke and I and 5 VB riders, Alisha Lion from Webcor and 2 Diet Cheerwine. We worked until the last 10k, at that point VB decided to attack the group, after multiple attempts Leigh Hobson successfully broke away. Rachel Heal took the field sprint for 2nd and I behind her in 3rd.

Day 3 was the Mount Nebo Road race. Another long road race (82miles) , this one finishing at the top of Mount Nebo which is 2.5 mile climb with the average grade of the last k at 18%. There were 3 other large climbs before the final climb, but plenty of flat riding and rollers before the final climb to keep most everybody at bay until the last climb. Well almost everybody...the hero of the day was Charm Breon of Diet Cheerwine, she attacked after the first climb and since she was not a GC threat (she was 15 minutes down on the general classification), the peleton was content to let her go. She ended up winning the stage!

Catherine Carrol of VB attacked over the 2nd to last climb and Audrey ended up joining her up the road in a small break that had upto 2 minutes on the field at one time, but they were both caught by the leader on the last few kilometers of the race. The final climb was brutal with over 10 switch backs in 1km, most everybody used a 38/27 if they could get their hands on them. one girl even fell off her bike because she took the apex of the corner instead of going wide where it was a little shallower than 18%. Well it seemed like an eternity, but we all made it up the MT Nebo. Charm won, Alisha Lion was 2nd, and Rachel Heal was 3rd.

Overall, it was a great weekend of racing and training in Russelville. We stayed with our great hosts Carol Swindel, and the Davis Family (Sophi thanks for giving up your room for a week). Doug is usually our mechanic, but this week he took on the role of mechanic and manager and we really appreciated all of his work and help.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Joe Martin Stage Race Colavita-Cooking Light Race Report stage 4

Joe Martin ends with Colavita/Cooking Light on podium.
Stage 4 downtown Criterium

by Jim Williams

The Joe Martin Stage race concluded today with a difficult criterium that was more circuit race with a hill mixed with the city streets of downtown. Colavita Cooking Lights plan was to keep the race together in order try and get the time bonus for Dotsie Bausch at the finish line, as she was only 6 seconds down from the overall lead. The ladies of the Red, white and green jersey’s of Colavita/Cooking Light worked hard to control the race but a break containing Alisha Lion of Webcor and Kori Seehafer of Lipton were able to get away and gained a 15 second advantage. As hard as the Colavita/Cooking Light riders tried they could not bring the break back and Seehafer sprinted away for the win. The end result was that Lion moved into 2nd position on the GC and Bausch slipped to third. The disappointments of the days race could not overshadow a great weekend of racing by the ladies who racked up two stage wins, a second place finish and 2 thirds, 3rd, 6th and 8th spots on general classification and 2nd on the team standings.

Pro women Stage 4
1 Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton) 57.25
2 Alisha Lion (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.03
3 Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage) 0.10
4 Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team)
5 Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.15

Pro women Final GC
1 Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 6.49.42
2 Alisha Lion (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.08
3 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.11
4 Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton) 0.14
5 Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage) 0.41
6 Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.47
7 Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.48
8 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.52
9 Laura Vangilder (Team Lipton) 0.53
10 Kathleen Billington (TRIA) 1.07

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Joe Martin Stage Race Colavita-Cooking Light Race Report Stage 3

Joe Martin Time Trial
Bausch Climbs with the leaders

The third stage of the Joe Martin Stage race always proves to be a decider for the general classification battle, a 2.5 mile uphill ride in Devils Den State park. Webcor riders Erinne Wilock, Alisha Lion, and Felica Gomez set very fast times and it looked as they may swep the podium, but Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch came storming up the hill in a great time to secure 2nd place. Joining her in the top 10 were Sue Palmer Komar in 7th and Brooke Ourada in 8th. Going into the last Stage Wilock holds a 6 second lead over Bausch with Pic in 5th and Palmer Komar in 8th. It should make for some exciting racing on the last stage crit.

Pro women Stage 3

1 Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 9.41
2 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.20
3 Alisha Lion (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.22
4 Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.25
5 Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton) 0.43
6 Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage) 0.46
7 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.47
8 Brooke Ourada (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 1.00
9 Kathleen Billington (TRIA) 1.02
10 Kristen Lasasso (Team Lipton) 1.07

Joe Martin Stage Race stage 2

Colavita/Cooking Light Press Release

Racing stays Hot in Arkansas

by Jim Williams

Pic makes it 2 for 2

Stages 2 and 3 of the Joe Martin stage race were held Saturday with a morning road race of 70 miles and an uphill time trial in the evening. The morning race saw continued aggression from the Webcor team as they tried repeatedly to get some of their climbers away in a break in order to gain time and foil the plans of Colavita/Cooking Light. Webcor was joined in this constant attacking by the Victory Brewing team as well. While small breaks formed during the day, nothing of any significance occurred until the last 15 miles when Kelly Murdin of Vella Bella slipped off of the front and gained over a minute on the field.

Colavita/Cooking Light’s Sarah Tillotson, Brooke Ourada, Audrey Lemieux, and Sima Trapp went to the front of the field and maintained a steady pace to keep the time gap manageable and stop the relentless attacking the team’s sprinters had to respond to. With 5 K to go things were all back together and the run in to the line began. Sue Palmer Komar did a great job in the last 1000 meters to keep the pace high and her sprinters out in front. In the end Tina Pic narrowly finished ahead of Laura Van Gilder to win for the second day in a row, and she was joined this time by her Colavita/Cooking Light teammate Gina Grain..

Pro women Stage 2
1 Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling team)
2 Laura Van Gilder (Team Lipton)
3 Gina Grain (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
4 Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
5 Katherine Bates (Nurenberg)
6 Shontell Gauthier (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)
7 Kim Geist (Victory Brewing Team)
8 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
9 Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing Team)
10 Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joe Martin Stage Race Colavita-Cooking Light Race Report

Round 1 of Joe Martin goes to Colavita/ Cooking Light
La Fayette, Arkansas

by Jim Williams

The first stage of the Joe Martin Stage race was contested today in windy but sunny conditions. The Joe Martin race is a unique stage race in that the first two stages are road stages followed by the Individual time trail on stage 3. This make for very aggressive racing as the day’s first winner is also the one that pulls on the leader’s jersey. From the gun riders attempted to get away and it was Victory Brewings Leigh Hobson that was able to escape the grips of the peloton first. She was joined by Colavita/Cooking Lights Brooke Ourada and the two worked an advantage of over a minute into the head wind that the riders faced most of the day. The main obstacle of the day was a 10 mile climb up Mt. Gaylor which caused the most pain to the rider’s legs. Both Hobson and Ourada forged ahead with their break, while behind the Webcor team sent their climbing specialist on the attack.

Eventually a group of 4 went clear containing, Rachel Heal of Victory, Kori Seehafer of Lipton, Erinne Wilock of Webcor and Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch. They crested the top of the climb ahead and were followed 30 seconds latter by a group of 25 that contained Kate Bates, of Neurenburg as well as several riders from Victory, Lipton, Cheerywine and a trio of Colavita/Cooking Light riders including Tina, Pic, Sue Plamer Komar and Brook Ourada.

After a 20 mile chase by Cheerywine the 4 leaders were caught and the final 15 miles of the race saw attack after attach go. Colavita/Cooking Light did a great job keeping Tina Pic in the mix and with 1 K to go it was Sue Plamer Komar dueling with Kori Seehafer of Lipton to see who could lead their sprinter out faster. Their drag race in the last kilometer split the field and Laura VanGilder launched her sprint on the up hill drag to the finish. Tina Pic was able to come by her for the win with Dotsie Bausch right there for third. Rolling across the line, spent from their efforts but still ahead of the main field were Seehafer in 4th and Colavita/Cooking Lights Plamer Komar in 5th. Tomorrow riders face a double stage with a70 mile road race in the morning and an uphill time trial in the evening.

Pro Women
1 Tina Pic (Colavita-Cooking Light)
2 Laura Van Gilder (TEAm Lipton)
3 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita-Cooking Light)
4 Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)
5 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita-Cooking Light)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Home, Sweet Boise

Sketchy corner in the rain
Yipee! All done, lets get dry and have some soup.
(Jana (in the back ground) was second in criterium and won the weekend omnium)

It's so good to be back home in Boise. The weather was great all last week, sunny and warm.

I've been able to get caught up with my friends, hit my favorite coffee shops, work, ride, unpack, and blah, blah, blah.

I got in a few rides on my favorite routes including the rolling hills of our "dump loop" and a nice long climb up "Bogus Basin" on Saturday. After that ride I headed down to the Boise river to soak my legs in the refreshing cool water (one of my favorite things to do after training in the summer).

The rain fall this season has brought the river levels to record highs...see where I am going with this one? Anyway, long story short...I was down by the river and I fell in a little deeper than planned and soaked my whole body not just my legs. Kids, don't try this without adult supervision and without a life vest. Luckily there were a couple of teenagers hanging around who were so impressed with me 'daring' to go into the river, I was able to throw my electronic stuff out of my pocket and into their hands. Can you hear me now? No? right, no cell phone for a few days.

Yesterday was a local criterium, the Treasure Valley Omnium. Unfortunately the weather changed and we had rain all day. Nothing quite like doing a crit in the rain? Really makes you put your trust in your skills and your equipment. The race was fun and hard, there are a lot of girls here that are riding very strong like Jana and Sarah, and other familiar tough girls like Kelly Crawford and Kris Walker that made the racing tough. Heather Albert was sprinting really well too, but she slid out in the first corner about 10 minutes into the race. She was a bit bruised and battered, but will bounce back as always. In the end the race came to sprint between 4 of us and I was able to Jana off for the win.

Thanks for Dobiacco Team and all of the race sponsors for putting on this great event and to Tom Coleman of WobbleNaught Bike fits for the biggest prime of the race...$100:)

The crowds were great, I saw a lot of familiar faces and made some new friends. Thanks for the We have at least 2 groups of junior developmental programs in the area, the Sun Summit club from Ketchum and BYRDS in Boise that are bringing up many young riders. It's great to see the enthusiasm in their faces. Keep up the hard work!

Gila and Anniston Race Reports

Colavita/Cooking Lights wins on both coasts

by Jim Williams

This past week the ladies of Colavita/Cooking Light raced both the Tour of Gila in New Mexico and another group took to the streets of Anniston Alabama for the Sunny King Criterium.

The Tour of Gila is one of the most demanding stage races offered on the NRC calendar each year, with 5 stages and climbs that literally go on for 15 miles. Colavita/Cooking Light Team members Dotsie Bausch and Brooke Ourada, took on full teams from Lipton, Victory Brewing, and Webcor. Both riders had their work cut out for them and as the battle commenced the other teams found that the two Colavita/Cooking Light riders rode with the strength of a whole team. With the solid support riding from Brook, Dotsie was able finish with 4 top ten placings, including a 1st place finish on stage 3 where she took the sprint on a windy and tactical day, besting some of the top sprinters in the field. Overall Dotsie finished 5th on GC and Brook a solid 17th

Meanwhile Tina, Gina, and Iona took time this past Friday to visit Cooking Lights headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. With a tour of the Test Kitchen, and meeting the editorial and marketing staff, the ladies were fired up for racing the next day and race they did. Once again the ladies of Colavita/Cooking Light did their sponsors proud. A break formed of 9 riders halfway through the timed criterium, and with both Tina and Gina represented and Iona patrolling the main field to make sure no one else bridged to the leaders, the stage was set for an exciting finish. Having two fast finishers in the group allowed Gina to win the $300 prime with 3 laps remaining and still do a powering lead-out for Tina. With Gina’s speed Tina was able to climb to the top step of the podium and make it two wins in two days for the Colavita/ Cooking Light team.

At both races the team once again stayed with wonderful host families and the whole Colavita/Cooking light team would like to thank Ron and Vicki Keenan of Athens, GA; Patty King of Anniston, Al; and Don and Vicki Johnson of Silver City, NM for their wonderful hospitality and support, without your help racing wouldn’t be possible. After a quick break home, a full team of 8 riders will be racing the Joe Martin stage racing this coming weekend in Fayetteville Arkansas.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Athens and Roswell Race Reports

Colavita/Cooking Lights snags a pair of 2nd place finishes
by Jim Williams

The Colavita/Cooking Lights women’s cycling team took to the streets of Georgia this past weekend for 2 classic criteriums in the country. First up for the team was the Athens twilight criterium, which is one of the most exciting crits in the country. Athens is a true celebration with races starting at 3 and ending at 10:30 at night. The women started their race at 7:45 pm in front of 30,000 people lining the 1 km course. With hometown hero Tina Pic in the lineup joined by World Champion silver medalist Gina Grain riding her first race in Colavita/ Cooking Light colors.

The girls in red/white and green were the team to beat. The threat of the two fastest finishers in North America in the field on the same team made for a very aggressive race as teams knew that a group finish played into the hands of the Colavita/ Cooking Light team. From the gun attacks began and the pace was blistering from start to finish. Colavita/Cooking Lights Sue Plamer Komar, Iona Wynter Parks, Audrey Lemieux and southern regional Colavita rider Krista Park did the lion’s share of the work, chasing down all attacks in defense of their two sprinters. With two laps to go the race was set up perfectly for the Colavita/Cooking Light women when a perfectly timed attack b Jen McCrae took the field by surprise on the backstretch of the final lap. McCrae was able to get a gap and able to hold off a hard charging field led by Tina Pic all the way to the finish. Behind Tina’s second placement came Gina Grain in 5th position.

The next day the team toed the line at the Roswell Criterium. Racing as it seems to be at every venue this year was again fast and aggressive and the Colavita/Cooking Light women were always at the front. A break of five riders formed containing the big sprinters of the race with about the race ¾ completed, included in this group was Tina Pic and teams seemed content to let the sprinters battle it out. With 3 laps to go a group of 5 riders bridged up to the sprinters to make a group of 10, including Colavita/Cooking Light’s Audrey Lemieux. On the long finishing stretch all eyes were on the final corner trying to get a glimpse of the first riders as they brought the race home. Laura Yoisten came through first and that is when Tina Pic launched her sprint. She gapped the group and pounded the pedals home but tucked right behind her was Laura Van Gilder, who made a desperate attempt to come around. At the line it was Vangilder by inches, giving Colavita/Cooking lights Tina Pic another second place finish in as many days.

Meanwhile on the West Coast Brook Ourada and Dotsie Bausch start racing the tour of Gila May 2-May 8, While Sima Trapp and Sarah Tillotson return from Europe after racing 2 world cups and a tour in the Czech Republic.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Switzerland bound

Heading to Berne, Switzerland for our secong World cup on April 23rd.

Nothing like a beautiful ride after a 5 hour drive to Switzerland

Recon mission on the world cup course. There is a really steep 1 km climb right after this 'Nome Tree'

big10 foot tall bike on the world cup course, right before the descent.

Enjoying the scenery on a pre ride of the World cup course before the crap hits the fan on Sunday.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

European Trip'in

Crowds at the finish of Fleche Wallone

Team presentation at Fleche Wallone

I've been in Europe racing with the US National team for the last week. The other girls here are Tina and Sarah (from Colavita-Cooking Light), Meredith Miller (Lipton), Rebecca and Shannon Koch. Jim Miller is our excellent director and we have Walla Wolfgang as our mechanic and Benny Ma is our Swanny. It's been a great group, couldn't ask for anything more.

We flew into Belgium last week and raced the Fleche Walone. This is one of the Spring Classics, and the men's race starts before us and ends after our race. I can't believe I am here racing in Europe in one of the biggest one day bike races in the whole universe.

Ouch is a good way to describe my first race. I'd been warned about how hard it is to move around in the European peleton, but that was a great understatement. The field was 145 women, and from the start we would punch it, then all of a sudden someone would decide to grab a hand full of brakes....yikes! Come to a stand still, avoid collision, then game on again. I was so scared the whole race. Tina finally stopped telling me to relax, as she saw the panic sctricken look on my face not diminishing.

It was great to watch the crowds on the steep climb up the Huy, and the men's finish.

Our next world cup is in Switzerland, the Tour de Berne on Sunday April 23rd, then we head south to the Czech Republic and Poland for the Tour of Gracia. I am really looking forward to racing the Tour de Berne and getting another chance to play in the european peleton.

USA Cycling Van, styled out by Walla our Mechanic.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pre- world cup days in Europe

Practicing riding on cobbles, and taking pictures at the same time...Shannon's got skills!!!

Scenic ride along a river in Nederlands

City center of Huy, near the finish of the Fleche Wallone in Belguim.

The Amstel Gold Classic course went right by our hotel a few hours after we arrived in Europe!
Day 1 easy ride in Nederlands (Rebecca, Sarah, me, Tina and Shannon)