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Friday, March 24, 2006

Redlands Cycling Classic Time Trial

Redlands Cycling Classic Time Trial

This year the time trial for the Redlands was changed from the usual 5km jaunt up Mt. Robidaux, to a different 5km uphill time trail course covering some of the roads that were used during the 2004 olympic trials race.

The course was pretty challenging because it starts off fairly flat, but it gets pretty steep in the last half. It was the type of course that you could predict a lot of people going too hard early on and then blowing their wad before getting to the climb. Well, enough technical talk, and the winner of the 1st stage is....Amber Neben! Dotsi was our top finisher at 8th place, nice job girl!

While up for the time trial it was good to see some familiar faces in the parking lot. Like Chris Davidson, and as usaul sporting a color coordinated Dicki. He and Michael Engleman are here with the strong group of riders on the Ford Cycling team. Keep your eyes on Mara as an up and coming rider. I met her last year at an OTC camp that was set up by Michael and Chris. She is so strong and full of energy, inside sources revealed she is unstoppable and has been training all week in addition to racing.

Meanwhile, back at our host's house, Brooke, Sarah and I decided to get in some team time trail practice. check out the picutre, and please submit comments with a title for the pic.


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