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Monday, March 20, 2006

Sequoia Cycling Classic Time Trial Race Report

2006 Sequoia Cycling Classic Time Trial
March 18-19
By Jim Williams

Exeter 30K Time Trial — The Sequoia Classic is back. Once a mainstay on the NRC calendar and a true test of early season fitness, the Sequoia Classic returned on March 18 with a demanding 30 km time trial that brought riders up and over the famous Rocky Hill only to turn around and have to go up and over again on the way back. With the Colavita/Cooking Light Team in attendance, along with Webcor and Victory Brewing, the racing was guaranteed to be competitive and fast. Ultimately, the fastest time of the day was posted by Victory Brewing's Leigh Hobson who beat the early time of mountain biker-turned time trialist Beverly Harper riding for Touchstone. The strong earlier times did not mean that those riders could just get a quick change and head to the podium as late finishers from Colavita/Cooking Light still had to make their way to the finish line.

Colavita/Cooking Light riders Audrey Lemieux, Sima Trapp, and Sarah Tillotson each posted very strong times but Leigh Hobson proved on this day that she was the best. Sunday will see the racers lining up for a downtown favorite in the city of Visalia for a classic L- shaped Criterium.

Sequoia Classic Exeter 30K Time Trial
Women Elite 1 / 2
1 Leigh Hobson (Victory Brewing) 51:16
2 Beverly Harper (Touchstone) 52:11
3 Sarah Tillotson (Colavita/Cooking Light) 52:22
4 Chrissy Ruiter (Victory Brewing) 52:34
5 Katherine Carrol (Victory Brewing) 52:35
6 Penny Avril 52:45
7 Sima Trapp (Colavita/Cooking Light) 52:56
10 Audrey Lemieux (Colavita Cooking Light)


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