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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Celbration in Salina's California

Kompai! to your health!!

Cheers Suz! Thanks for not locking us out the second night ;). Sorry we ate all of your fish crackers.

Celebrating with our hosts after the Sea Otter Classic. This is the first year that they had host housing at Sea Otter. There were 8 of us including riders and staff, and Kathy the housing coordinator got 4 families on this cul de sac to host all of us. All of the families and riders got together each night for diner and lots of laughs.


Anonymous Sue and Joe said...

We've changed the locks and stocked piled the "Fish Crackers".

Just in case of a break in I've also Pledged the floors!

It was so much fun having you at our place we look forward to next year.

Cycle on....

9:42 AM  

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