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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Garret Lemire Memorial Grand Prix Race Report

Garret Lemire Memorial Grand Prix Ojai, CA
April 2, 2006
Report by Jim Williams

The Colavita/Cooking Light Women’s Cycling Team took to the streets of downtown Ojai, CA for an NRC race today. The course is a very difficult one-mile circuit with a steep climb on the back stretch that softens up even the freshest of legs. Many attacks were launched but nothing was able to get away as the wind was a discouraging factor for riders that tried to brave the protection of the peloton. Colavita/ Cooking Light policed the front of the field and made sure that any rider that did try to break away was covered, as the team had super sprinter Tina Pic ready to launch her famous sprint.

Sima Trapp, Sarah Tillotson, Brooke Ourada and Audrey Lemieux did the lion’s share of the early work. With two laps to go, the Victory Brewing train came blazing to the front in hopes of setting up their fast finisher Laura Yoisten. Victory drove the pace until the final time up the back stretch climb when Colavita/Cooking Light’s climber Dotsie Bausch made an acceleration that derailed the Victory train. Bausch blasted over the climb with Laura Vangilder of Lipton, Colavita/Cooking Light’s Tina Pic, and Victory Brewing’s Laura Yoisten, who had switched tracks, in tow. When Bausch pulled off, VanGilder was left in front leading out, and both Pic and Yoisten launched their sprints from opposite sides. In the end, Pic crossed the line first with a few bike lengths to spare, with Laura Yoisten second and Laura Vangilder in third.

Garret Lemire Memorial Grand Prix
Race Results
1.Tina Pic (Colavita/Cooking Light)
2.Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing)
3.Laura Van Gilder (Lipton)


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