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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Red Neck Girl!

Now that I an avid partaker of dance lessons (see belly dancing post), I talked Shane into going down town and trying out some line dancing lessons...purely for shits and giggles.
And I am up for any opportunity to put on some tight jeans and a cow girl shirt. There were ~30 people, and only 3 were men (including Shane-the total eye candy for the ladies), the rest were all cow girls, and cow ladies.

The age range of the dancers were from 30-85 years, with the average somewhere around 50. Shane and I figured we'd catch on pretty quick. Not so much...we kept turning the wrong way, stepping the wrong way, and running over our neighbors. Then they decided to teach us a really easy dance: just walk in place and kick one leg out every 3 or 4 steps, then turn! This one I was abel to master, it was called the Red Neck Girl!

There's a line dancing workshop in town this weekend... oh, I'll be out of town! Well, maybe next time I'll try some Salsa dancing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"redneck girl's got her name on the back of her belt" (words from the song.) you'll have to get a big belt buckle with a buckin' bronco or a bull to go with your belt with SIMA on the back. Cowgirl would be fun for your next life. talk to you soon.


12:24 AM  
Blogger Sima said...

I forgot my sweet cowgirl hat. maybe next life time...or next weds.

have fun in Disney Land.

10:11 AM  

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