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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tri-Peaks Stage Race- Race Report

Tri Peaks Race Report
Russelville, Arkansas
May 19-21, 2006

Sorry I haven't been updating my blog lately Internet access has been a little limited and I've been slacking since Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansa. But here we go......

After Joe Martin half of the team went home to rest up (Tina, Sue, Gina and Dotsie) and the other half (Sarah, Audrey, Brooke and I) drove to Russelville, Arkansas to compete in the Tri-Peaks Stage Race.

It was 3 hard days of hot, hilly, and long racing. We started out with an aggressive evening criterium, with attacks from Colavita, Victory Brewing,Webcor, Diet Cheerwine and Kate Bates the Australian National Road Race Champion. Sarah was in the key move of the night with 5 other riders, and all teams represented. Kate Bates took the sprint, Rachel Heal of Victory Brewing was 2nd, and Sarah was 3rd.

Day 2 was a 92 mile rode race with an early start of 7:30 am. On the drive to over to the start we went through to tiny villages with each their own distict aroma, the first one smelled like "moth balls" and second like "dog feces". I just realized the moth ball village was proabably trying to cover up the other smell.

anyway sorry about the digression, onto the race reprot... day 2 was quite a long and hilly day, we had a total of~5000' of climbing over 3 climsb, with lots of flat windy sections in between. Going over the last climb a group of ~10 stayed off over the climb which include Sarah, Brooke and I and 5 VB riders, Alisha Lion from Webcor and 2 Diet Cheerwine. We worked until the last 10k, at that point VB decided to attack the group, after multiple attempts Leigh Hobson successfully broke away. Rachel Heal took the field sprint for 2nd and I behind her in 3rd.

Day 3 was the Mount Nebo Road race. Another long road race (82miles) , this one finishing at the top of Mount Nebo which is 2.5 mile climb with the average grade of the last k at 18%. There were 3 other large climbs before the final climb, but plenty of flat riding and rollers before the final climb to keep most everybody at bay until the last climb. Well almost everybody...the hero of the day was Charm Breon of Diet Cheerwine, she attacked after the first climb and since she was not a GC threat (she was 15 minutes down on the general classification), the peleton was content to let her go. She ended up winning the stage!

Catherine Carrol of VB attacked over the 2nd to last climb and Audrey ended up joining her up the road in a small break that had upto 2 minutes on the field at one time, but they were both caught by the leader on the last few kilometers of the race. The final climb was brutal with over 10 switch backs in 1km, most everybody used a 38/27 if they could get their hands on them. one girl even fell off her bike because she took the apex of the corner instead of going wide where it was a little shallower than 18%. Well it seemed like an eternity, but we all made it up the MT Nebo. Charm won, Alisha Lion was 2nd, and Rachel Heal was 3rd.

Overall, it was a great weekend of racing and training in Russelville. We stayed with our great hosts Carol Swindel, and the Davis Family (Sophi thanks for giving up your room for a week). Doug is usually our mechanic, but this week he took on the role of mechanic and manager and we really appreciated all of his work and help.


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