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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Joe Martin Stage Race Colavita-Cooking Light Race Report Stage 3

Joe Martin Time Trial
Bausch Climbs with the leaders

The third stage of the Joe Martin Stage race always proves to be a decider for the general classification battle, a 2.5 mile uphill ride in Devils Den State park. Webcor riders Erinne Wilock, Alisha Lion, and Felica Gomez set very fast times and it looked as they may swep the podium, but Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch came storming up the hill in a great time to secure 2nd place. Joining her in the top 10 were Sue Palmer Komar in 7th and Brooke Ourada in 8th. Going into the last Stage Wilock holds a 6 second lead over Bausch with Pic in 5th and Palmer Komar in 8th. It should make for some exciting racing on the last stage crit.

Pro women Stage 3

1 Erinne Willock (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 9.41
2 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.20
3 Alisha Lion (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.22
4 Felicia Gomez (Webcor-Platinum Women's Cycling Team) 0.25
5 Kori Seehafer (Team Lipton) 0.43
6 Alison Powers (Rio Grande/Sports Garage) 0.46
7 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 0.47
8 Brooke Ourada (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team) 1.00
9 Kathleen Billington (TRIA) 1.02
10 Kristen Lasasso (Team Lipton) 1.07

Joe Martin Stage Race stage 2

Colavita/Cooking Light Press Release

Racing stays Hot in Arkansas

by Jim Williams

Pic makes it 2 for 2

Stages 2 and 3 of the Joe Martin stage race were held Saturday with a morning road race of 70 miles and an uphill time trial in the evening. The morning race saw continued aggression from the Webcor team as they tried repeatedly to get some of their climbers away in a break in order to gain time and foil the plans of Colavita/Cooking Light. Webcor was joined in this constant attacking by the Victory Brewing team as well. While small breaks formed during the day, nothing of any significance occurred until the last 15 miles when Kelly Murdin of Vella Bella slipped off of the front and gained over a minute on the field.

Colavita/Cooking Light’s Sarah Tillotson, Brooke Ourada, Audrey Lemieux, and Sima Trapp went to the front of the field and maintained a steady pace to keep the time gap manageable and stop the relentless attacking the team’s sprinters had to respond to. With 5 K to go things were all back together and the run in to the line began. Sue Palmer Komar did a great job in the last 1000 meters to keep the pace high and her sprinters out in front. In the end Tina Pic narrowly finished ahead of Laura Van Gilder to win for the second day in a row, and she was joined this time by her Colavita/Cooking Light teammate Gina Grain..

Pro women Stage 2
1 Tina Pic (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling team)
2 Laura Van Gilder (Team Lipton)
3 Gina Grain (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
4 Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
5 Katherine Bates (Nurenberg)
6 Shontell Gauthier (Team Joy Rides/Austin Flyers)
7 Kim Geist (Victory Brewing Team)
8 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita/ Cooking Light Cycling Team)
9 Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing Team)
10 Maatje Benassi (Excel Sports)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joe Martin Stage Race Colavita-Cooking Light Race Report

Round 1 of Joe Martin goes to Colavita/ Cooking Light
La Fayette, Arkansas

by Jim Williams

The first stage of the Joe Martin Stage race was contested today in windy but sunny conditions. The Joe Martin race is a unique stage race in that the first two stages are road stages followed by the Individual time trail on stage 3. This make for very aggressive racing as the day’s first winner is also the one that pulls on the leader’s jersey. From the gun riders attempted to get away and it was Victory Brewings Leigh Hobson that was able to escape the grips of the peloton first. She was joined by Colavita/Cooking Lights Brooke Ourada and the two worked an advantage of over a minute into the head wind that the riders faced most of the day. The main obstacle of the day was a 10 mile climb up Mt. Gaylor which caused the most pain to the rider’s legs. Both Hobson and Ourada forged ahead with their break, while behind the Webcor team sent their climbing specialist on the attack.

Eventually a group of 4 went clear containing, Rachel Heal of Victory, Kori Seehafer of Lipton, Erinne Wilock of Webcor and Colavita/Cooking Lights Dotsie Bausch. They crested the top of the climb ahead and were followed 30 seconds latter by a group of 25 that contained Kate Bates, of Neurenburg as well as several riders from Victory, Lipton, Cheerywine and a trio of Colavita/Cooking Light riders including Tina, Pic, Sue Plamer Komar and Brook Ourada.

After a 20 mile chase by Cheerywine the 4 leaders were caught and the final 15 miles of the race saw attack after attach go. Colavita/Cooking Light did a great job keeping Tina Pic in the mix and with 1 K to go it was Sue Plamer Komar dueling with Kori Seehafer of Lipton to see who could lead their sprinter out faster. Their drag race in the last kilometer split the field and Laura VanGilder launched her sprint on the up hill drag to the finish. Tina Pic was able to come by her for the win with Dotsie Bausch right there for third. Rolling across the line, spent from their efforts but still ahead of the main field were Seehafer in 4th and Colavita/Cooking Lights Plamer Komar in 5th. Tomorrow riders face a double stage with a70 mile road race in the morning and an uphill time trial in the evening.

Pro Women
1 Tina Pic (Colavita-Cooking Light)
2 Laura Van Gilder (TEAm Lipton)
3 Dotsie Bausch (Colavita-Cooking Light)
4 Kori Seehafer (TEAm Lipton)
5 Sue Palmer-Komar (Colavita-Cooking Light)

Monday, May 08, 2006

Home, Sweet Boise

Sketchy corner in the rain
Yipee! All done, lets get dry and have some soup.
(Jana (in the back ground) was second in criterium and won the weekend omnium)

It's so good to be back home in Boise. The weather was great all last week, sunny and warm.

I've been able to get caught up with my friends, hit my favorite coffee shops, work, ride, unpack, and blah, blah, blah.

I got in a few rides on my favorite routes including the rolling hills of our "dump loop" and a nice long climb up "Bogus Basin" on Saturday. After that ride I headed down to the Boise river to soak my legs in the refreshing cool water (one of my favorite things to do after training in the summer).

The rain fall this season has brought the river levels to record highs...see where I am going with this one? Anyway, long story short...I was down by the river and I fell in a little deeper than planned and soaked my whole body not just my legs. Kids, don't try this without adult supervision and without a life vest. Luckily there were a couple of teenagers hanging around who were so impressed with me 'daring' to go into the river, I was able to throw my electronic stuff out of my pocket and into their hands. Can you hear me now? No? right, no cell phone for a few days.

Yesterday was a local criterium, the Treasure Valley Omnium. Unfortunately the weather changed and we had rain all day. Nothing quite like doing a crit in the rain? Really makes you put your trust in your skills and your equipment. The race was fun and hard, there are a lot of girls here that are riding very strong like Jana and Sarah, and other familiar tough girls like Kelly Crawford and Kris Walker that made the racing tough. Heather Albert was sprinting really well too, but she slid out in the first corner about 10 minutes into the race. She was a bit bruised and battered, but will bounce back as always. In the end the race came to sprint between 4 of us and I was able to Jana off for the win.

Thanks for Dobiacco Team and all of the race sponsors for putting on this great event and to Tom Coleman of WobbleNaught Bike fits for the biggest prime of the race...$100:)

The crowds were great, I saw a lot of familiar faces and made some new friends. Thanks for the We have at least 2 groups of junior developmental programs in the area, the Sun Summit club from Ketchum and BYRDS in Boise that are bringing up many young riders. It's great to see the enthusiasm in their faces. Keep up the hard work!

Gila and Anniston Race Reports

Colavita/Cooking Lights wins on both coasts

by Jim Williams

This past week the ladies of Colavita/Cooking Light raced both the Tour of Gila in New Mexico and another group took to the streets of Anniston Alabama for the Sunny King Criterium.

The Tour of Gila is one of the most demanding stage races offered on the NRC calendar each year, with 5 stages and climbs that literally go on for 15 miles. Colavita/Cooking Light Team members Dotsie Bausch and Brooke Ourada, took on full teams from Lipton, Victory Brewing, and Webcor. Both riders had their work cut out for them and as the battle commenced the other teams found that the two Colavita/Cooking Light riders rode with the strength of a whole team. With the solid support riding from Brook, Dotsie was able finish with 4 top ten placings, including a 1st place finish on stage 3 where she took the sprint on a windy and tactical day, besting some of the top sprinters in the field. Overall Dotsie finished 5th on GC and Brook a solid 17th

Meanwhile Tina, Gina, and Iona took time this past Friday to visit Cooking Lights headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. With a tour of the Test Kitchen, and meeting the editorial and marketing staff, the ladies were fired up for racing the next day and race they did. Once again the ladies of Colavita/Cooking Light did their sponsors proud. A break formed of 9 riders halfway through the timed criterium, and with both Tina and Gina represented and Iona patrolling the main field to make sure no one else bridged to the leaders, the stage was set for an exciting finish. Having two fast finishers in the group allowed Gina to win the $300 prime with 3 laps remaining and still do a powering lead-out for Tina. With Gina’s speed Tina was able to climb to the top step of the podium and make it two wins in two days for the Colavita/ Cooking Light team.

At both races the team once again stayed with wonderful host families and the whole Colavita/Cooking light team would like to thank Ron and Vicki Keenan of Athens, GA; Patty King of Anniston, Al; and Don and Vicki Johnson of Silver City, NM for their wonderful hospitality and support, without your help racing wouldn’t be possible. After a quick break home, a full team of 8 riders will be racing the Joe Martin stage racing this coming weekend in Fayetteville Arkansas.