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Saturday, June 03, 2006

CSC Invitational Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Does it again

By Jim Williams

The Colavita/Cooking Light cycling team raced a near flawless race to win the CSC invitational today in downtown Arlington, VA. Tina Pic sprinted for the line after her teammates controlled a very aggressive race that was animated by Cheerwine, Lipton and Victory Brewing.

In what has become a pattern this year, teams started attacking from the gun and putting the pressure on the Colavita/Cooking Light team to keep the race together. The team changed its tactics today and after the first initial attacks countered with attacks of their own to put the other teams on the defensive. Iona Wynter-Parks escaped and forced Lipton and Cheerwine to chase for over 6 laps. When she was finally brought back her Colavita/Cooking Light

Teammates, Meshy Holt, Sarah Tillotson, Gina Grain took turns countering, left in reserve where Sima Trapp and Sue Palmer-Komar to protect Pic in the field. As the laps ticked by Colavita/Cooking Light shifted their focus to setting up their ace sprinter Tina Pic. Sue Palmer drove the pace for 2 laps and handed her duties off to Meshy Holt who kept the pace high and the field strung out, tucked behind was Pic with Gina Grain sweeping her wheel of her competitors. The lead car came around the final corner and reviled a sprint already in full flight. Pic fought Laura Van Gilder for the win and Gina Grain was able to make it 1st and 3rd for Colavita/Cooking Light on the day.

CSC Invitational

1) Tina Pick Colavita/Cooking Light
2) Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)
3) Gina Grain Colavita/Cooking Light
4) Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)
5) Theresa Cliff-Ryan (Verducci)Laura Yoisten (Victory Brewing

Monday, May 29, 2006

Somerville Criterium Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Press release.

Pic and team stand tall at Somerville

By Jim Williams

Memorial Day is a time for sunshine, family, picnics, and parades and all were on hand at the Tour of Somerville, the oldest bike race in the country this past Monday. On a hot and sunny day, racers paraded around the streets of Somerville, and the cycling community came together for a day of racing. The Colavita cycling teams were out in full force as first the Junior New Jersey team, followed by the New Jersey regional team took to the streets to fly the Colavita colors. After the amateur racing was done it was time for both the pro women and men to put on their show.

In the women’s race the Colavita/Cooking Light women were joined by Leah Oppenhemimer, Ashley Kimmet, and Lenore Imhof of the east regional team to form a fordominal force. The racing was fast paced from the start as just about every lap had a prime to keep the action going. Colavita/Cooking Light was selective of which primes to go for as they had an eye on the end and trying to bring home the win in front of their Colavita sponsor at what is the team’s home race. New recruit Meshy Holt did manage to drag race Kelly Benjamin to the line to win the biggest prime of the day for $257 dollars in cash but the rest of the race the team was focused on delivering Tina Pic to the line with the freshest possible legs.

With 3 laps to go the Colavita/Cooking Light team moved to the front to make sure one tried to make a late sneak attack and they then started their lead-out. Coming across the start finish line with 1 lap to go it was Sue Palmer –Komar who had the field strung out at over 30 mph, right on her wheel was the Colavita/Cooking Light stars and strips jersey of Pic. The pace was kept high on the back side of the course and when the riders came into view for the sprint it was Laura Van Gilder of Team Lipton that jumped first on the left. Pic jumped on the right and put her head down for home. Van Gilder jumped across the street to grab Pic's draft and attempted to come around at the finish but Colavita/Cooking Lights Pic held off her challenger on this day. Kelly Benjamin of Cheerwine finished third.
Tour of Somerville

1) Tina Pick Colavita/Cooking Light
2) Laura VanGilder (Team Lipton)
3) Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine)