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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MT Hood Cycling Classic Race Report

Colavita/Cooking Light Press release.

Mt. Hood Classic, Hood River Oregon

By Jim Williams

As the Colavita/Cooking Light Cycling Team was tearing up the recent crits on the east coast and racking up four straight wins in the process, Colavita Cooking Light Teammates Dotsie Bausch and Brooke Ourada were joined by guest rider Stacy Spencer to form powerful threesome that ripped up the Mt. Hood Classic in Oregon.

The 6 stage race had plenty of ups and downs in the profile and the Colavita/Cooking Light team experienced the same at the race. Day one saw Dotsie take second place in the opening prologue only to follow that up the next day with another second place finish on stage 2. This moved Dotsie into the overall leader’s jersey which she brilliantly defended with victories on stage 3 and the time trail on stage 4.

Brook and Stacy played the role of faithful lieutenants and in the process had top ten finishes to add to the team’s success. Sat evening’s stage 5 saw the teams fortunes turn when with 6 laps to go Dotsie clipped her pedal in a corner and crashed heavily, Stacy stopped to aid her teammate and offer her bike but Dotsie knew her race was over. Stacy was able to take a free lap and reentered the race and was able to finish the stage with a podium spot by taking third in the sprint.

The joy of a strong finish was blunted latter when it was learned that Dotsie had broken her collarbone in 3 places. The final stage of the race was a difficult long road stage and both Stacy and Brook rode bravely with Brook climbing with the leaders on the final climb before the pace proved a bit too much. She was able to finish 4th on the stage and 5th overall to salvage the day for Colavita/Cooking Light. Dotsie flew home on Sunday and will be having surgery Tuesday. We all wish her a speedy recovery.