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Monday, June 12, 2006

Thelma and Louise

Road Tripping from Arkansa to Virgina
May 22nd to 24th, 2006

This is a late entry, and I am taking a lot of slack from my 3 frequent readers that I never update my blog, and that I am always just cut and pasting our team race reports. So here we go...I am going to play a little catch up and fill you on some of my fun adventures over the last 4-6 weeks.

The day after Tri-Peaks Stage Race in Russellville, Arkansas, my teammate Sarah and I had to drive the team car to the East coast for the upcoming series of criteriums. We figured we had ~1200 miles to drive in 3 days, so we'd try to take it easy and have some fun adventures on the way over.

We started the day off with a final ride in Russelville with our new friend and hostess Carol.

We decide to make Nashville or destination for the first night. My friend and former Subway Cycling teammate lives near there. After 7 hours of driving we rolled into a seedy part of town, booked rooms for the night at the Comfort Inn and headed out to check out the excitement of Nashville with Doug, and Sarah.

We met Robbie and his friends Johnnie and Billy at the Flying Saucer, after a few bites we headed down the main drag with all of the Honky Tonk bars.

We got to sing with Elvis

check out cool belt buckles as we stroll by Tootsies.

Mullets are alive and hot in Tennessee. This is my friend Robbie, he told me to "Check out the guy in the back ground with the mullet". Sarah was taking the picture, and she said "Sima check out the guy with the mullet you are standing next to :)". good eye Thelma!